Do Misting Fans Really Work? What they don’t tell you!

Commercial misting fans are a popular addition for many events, agricultural and industrial spaces but how do they do in a patio type setting? Here I have covered all the different aspects from their water usage and usable range to climate suitability and how ‘wet’ you might get. Misting fans can be very effective; the … Read more

An Advanced Guide on How to Keep your House Cool in the HEAT!

The art of keeping your house cool in the extreme heat of summer is not just one, quick-fix, solution. Success comes from combining a number of different strategies that will keep you more comfortable whilst also saving you money! I have researched different suggestions and tips from private companies, science laboratories as well as government … Read more

How to Stop Your Umbrella from Blowing Away? An Engineers Guide.

Your Umbrella blowing away can be a disaster for your Al Fresco meal but even worse it can become a dangerous weapon with lots of sharp pointy bits just waiting to stab people. They can also be expensive if they break! With paying guests we are always extra careful to avoid any accidents, so before … Read more

Covering a Pergola; Waterproof Roof Ideas

Its main purpose is to offer shade but having decided on adding a Pergola, can I benefit even more by using it in the rain? I’m not thinking of the torrential downpours that worried Noah but if you can stay out in normal rain and not have to worry when you haven’t pack everything away, … Read more