Pergola Shade: Practical Cover Solutions for Any Outdoor Space

I love the look of Pergolas, especially with plants growing up and over, but before I start building I wanted to check if they are just for decoration or do they really offer shade? A basic Pergola does not completely block the sun, particularly when the sun is overhead. However, as a structure, they can … Read more

How to Attach Shade Cloth to cover a Pergola? 3 Different Ways.

Pergola with Shade Cloth

With six different patios (I look after holiday accommodation!) I wanted to check that after installing pergolas I can offer shade while waiting for vines to grow over the structure. Having done some research here are step-by-step guides to three different methods recommended for attaching shade cloth to cover a pergola. The Quick and Easy … Read more

How to Install and Tension a Sun Shade

Sun Shade Fixings

Stages 4-6 of my Guide to ‘Everything’ for Shade Sails / Sun Shades. A sagging Sun Shade not only looks unsightly but is dramatically less efficient at shedding water and standing up to stronger winds. It will also reduce the life of your sunshade as it will flap and flex more than necessary causing the … Read more

Patio Shade; a Pro’s and Con’s Guide of the Best Ideas

Featured Examples Shade

Whether its for entertaining or just relaxing with family, when you are looking to enjoy your outside space you dont always want to be out in the heat of the sun.  When deciding between the different options, here are the most popular ideas and their key benefits and differences to help you make the most of … Read more

Top Tips and Tricks for Sun Shade’s

Sun Shades set over Patio

A badly installed sun shade is NOT a thing of beauty. It is a disappointment that is visible to all that come to visit but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you keep the following tips in mind when planning and installing your sun shade then some of the ‘How did that happen?’ … Read more