Sun Shade / Shade Sail: Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the content included in these questions can be found in one of our longer articles but for just a quick answer then here are the questions that seem to be the most popular:

What is a Sun Shade / Shade Sail?

How effective are sun shades?

How much wind can a shade sail take?

Are Sun Shades / Shade Sails waterproof?

Are lighter shade sails cooler than dark shade sails?

How Long do Shade Sails Last?

What size shade sail do I need?

What are shade sails made of?

Can you sew Shade Sail / Shade Cloth material ?

Can you attach a sun shade to a fence post?

Can I install a sun shade on a balcony, deck or dock?

Can you attach Sunshade to your house?

Can you attach a Sunshade to bricks?

Can you attach a sun shade to a dividing wall?

Sun Shade Angled or Not? What angle should my sun shade be?

Is it OK to extend the attachment point?

Do Sun Shade posts need to be angled? How to measure the angle of lean?

How deep should sun shade post be?

What size footing for my sun shade post?