Hi, I’m Rob Sleep, and along with my family, we are behind Stay Cool Guide. I have lived and worked in the ‘heat’; be it herding cattle in the Outback deserts of Australia, performing maintenance in the sand dunes of the middle east, sailing yachts around the sun-bleached Caribbean or travelling through the extra dry southwestern states of the USA; these are some of the tips and lessons I have learned.

As an engineer, I research everything! Before starting any project or buying any tools, kit or equipment I tend to research the heck out of everything, to check for signs of quality, value for money and longevity.

Will it do what I actually need it to do? Do I understand how it works, so I can get the best out of it?

Will I be able to fix it / get parts if it does break and will it be cost-effective to do so?

Along with my family (Sarah (www.DragonflyDesign.fr) and our two daughters)) I now live in France and run a16-bed holiday accommodation business (www.LaMaillerie.com), with 7 acres of land, 4 houses, and a swimming pool. This gives me ample opportunities to use the knowledge I learn to keep my family and all our guests cool!

Stay Cool Guide is a collection of all the information that I have gathered through my research, filtered, consolidated and hopefully presented in a clear way to help others.

Fun Facts about Rob Sleep – LinkedIn

I have worked and raced all over the world as both a software and hardware engineer on many Open 60 Racing yachts, including Dee Caffari (www.deecaffari.co.uk ) and Rich Wilson ( http://www.sitesalive.com ) as well as a deck officer on Superyachts such as Adix and Amazon Express!

I am a keen adventurer and was a watch leader for the record setting Old Pulteney Row to the Pole ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Pulteney_Row_To_The_Pole ) having previously visited the arctic numerous times as part of the organization for the Polar Race.

I have worked for companies (and owned a few!) in many parts of the world, from installing reverse osmosis watermakers, to building state of the art camera systems to transmit live footage via satellite from sailing yachts, whilst they race around the world; engineering and the need to understand how things work was at the heart of them all.